Extreme Beauty in Vogue party is one of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week. The event is to probe the role of beauty in the society from the past 80 years of Vogue Magazine. Or? just another reason to party, dress up and drink for the fashion gurus and a fashion enthusiast. No complains there.


Leave it to the top models on rock these dresses. ButĀ Eva Herzigova really stands out in her corseted dress. The make up looks flawless too. And expect nothing less from Claudia.


I really heart Scarlet. Her animeal gray patterned dress is lovely on her amazing body but there’s something wrong. There’s no sparkle. Maybe because she dyed her hair. I like it, she looks exotic but I like her better in blonde. She exudes sex.


The Slumdog Millionaire princess Freida Pinto just sparkles. She looks fresh and happy. She’s enjoying the limelight. Though I’m not that crazy about her dress. She could have done better. It’s a bit safe but her obi belt. It’s very color coordinating from head to toe.


Naomi Watts is back to her banging body. You wouldn’t even know she gave birth two months ago. Kate Hudson is also present and I’m loving her golden sparkling skirt and cape.