Dunhill Portfolio

This live brief is an exciting and at the same time, stressful. Just started with uni then live projects are already on the way with only few weeks to completion. I’m really glad we came around with a very good initial research and it expanded from that. This is the statement that sums up our research.

The 1966 film Alfie is our inspiration for our theme because it is one of the iconic British films and it embodies the culture of the mid 1960s. It is the decade of change and prosperity of British arts, music, film and fashion. Michael Caines’s portrayal of Alfie personifies a confident, charming and playful man. It is not much different to a modern man today, still using traditionally cut clothing preserving and embracing the British heritage but with contemporary details that reflects our muse’s personality. Our muse is a dynamic and sophisticated British gentleman with simple elegance who lives in the city of London working as an architect. His interest includes arts and jazz music. That’s it all about.