I made a simple drawings and spec drawings in Illustrator in preparation for placement interview at Christopher Raeburn’s studio. I made this in a to go one step beyond so I can improve my chances to get the placement. Too bad it’s not enough for them along with my portfolio after a 6 hour journey in the train, thanks to that train cables snapping before King’s Cross. It’s quite a disappointing news because I really like the brand. Oh well, I really tried.



“You say losing me is like someone’s dying?
That I doubt because you seem fine and flying.
Whilst I’m on my knees, reaching the other side.
A door to open and break away with pride.
No matter how much I try – despair remains.
I can’t escape getting drag by all your chains.
The irony is I still want to be your own.
I must be seriously carving my gravestone.”


“As darkness comes, my insecurities running towards me like an excited child to a mother. Excited to see me and engulfs me with tremendous misery. Embracing me too tight that I can’t breathe. Every air is like poison to my heart.”


“I dreamed of you last night. Your touch, your scent, so vivid. Every moment was a bliss. The next thing I know I came back to you and you’re gone. Your house is empty and cold. You really have moved on like a bullet to my heart. I looked through what’s left and these are memories of us. You haven’t fought for me, for us when I told before to never let me go, when things get difficult. You have forgotten it by now.”


“The rain never stops from falling. I feel like I’m on the edge of this cliff, about to fall off in a perpetual abyss of darkness. And will soon submerge into the pool of paranoia and despair, hoping you will come back and induce me the greatest drug”

We had a fashion show at uni to present it to Dunhill peeps. Whoever wins in this live brief will get a paid placement from them. Unfortunately it’s not me. I tried and been proactive but I don’t think I answered things right during the interview yesterday and didn’t fit the brand. I’m just not good in tight project briefs. :)

Here’s my model for the show, also fitted it with someone else to check if it looks good with different people. I think it’s ok.