After hours and hours of sewing sequins and beads, I’m finally done with my embellishment. I’m so happy about it. It’s already done. I just can’t believe it. So much patience and time invested on this. It is now ready to attached it on the front. It’s just what I’m waiting because I’m already done with the other components of my design.

The class are creating a lookbook to be sent out during Newcastle Fashion Week since we are opening the event and I’m still working on my designer profile. It seems to be quite long paragraph for an A5 plus my photos, I need to somehow cut it down. But I’m obviously stuck with it. I wonder if it’s too fancy but it does make me look clever. Ha!

Capturing and conveying emotions through fashion is one of my goals because for me, fashion is all about emotions. This mantra stirs within me a mix of excitement, love, jealousy and lust. A collation of these intense emotional paradoxes is what signifies my identity and character which then tangibly imprints into my work. I have always been intrigued by the consequent duality of man synthesised by confidence and femininity, thus ushering the foundation for my ‘Little Black Dress’. The emotions I wished to express have been made more pronounced by the eclectic influences of the backdrop, that is, the Roman Coliseum, the power of horses and the beautiful classical women portrayed by 19th-century painter, Tadema. In order for the dress to be evocative, I imagined a woman exuding a contrasting multitude of values who is vulnerable yet strong, as well as confident yet reserved. The reason for this is that the dress itself is marked by a contrasting design: the use of a chiffon fabric embodying softness which is in contrast to the crude-shaped column-like structured skirt symbolising strength. The silhouette emphasises the woman’s figure and her reserved seduction is shown by the open back. When she makes an entrance, the meticulous bead work commands attention. My muse knows herself well and as Aristotle said, “knowing thyself is the beginning of all wisdom.” My dream is to come up with an ‘emotive fashion’ line which attempts to intersperse a woman’s personality with the dress’ intended characters.

I was made aware of the new exhibition to be held at New Bridge Project. I always pass this place and never went it. I went during the opening night. Thank goodness it’s open to everyone at the time so I went.

The exhibition was called ‘Malerei: Painting as Objects’, it’s an exploration of painting as process. There are few pieces I thought was amazing. I was intrigued by the circular board because it’s very tactile and was drawn by the thick striped bold colours. It’s titled Clockwise Stoppage by Alexis Harding. The title might have been the clue but I still don’t know it was done. I was really tempted to touch barbed oil paint but obviously I’m not allowed to. It’s certainly is fascinating.

There’s another piece in which the painting was hanging. It might have been done on a flat surface and scrapped out. Since it was title, Painting as Objects, I was thinking of using it as a garment. I would have want to use it if it was made durable. I could make a shirt out of it then it would have been titled ‘Paintings as Garments’. Ha! That would have been fantastic.

Check the New Bridge Gallery website. It’s now open running till the 26th of May. Free Entry.

It took quite sometime to negotiate with models and photographers. Plenty of disappointment and frustration but looking at the bright side, things worked out well in the end. Editing these photos took quite a lot of time and effort. Manipulation technique in Photoshop came in handy from my graphic design background. I experimented with the photos – added glamour, desaturated colours, intensified the colours and adding different elements to it. I don’t want to overdo with editing because it might turn out to be a disaster. The main concern is that my garment I designed should be the focus that shows the details and it’s beauty.

The photos below are the 10 best edited photos. Enjoy!

I’m now on my few drops of sloe gin that has been picked last year of early autumn. The sloes have been pricked, bash and pickled on gin for at least 3 months. It was extremely enjoyable and fun making it and the wait is worth every drop. It was a very good Christmas present as well. So this glass of sloe gin with tonic is the last of it. I’m now looking forward to the next home made sloe gin.

This has been taken last christmas when the sloes are being distilled.

Sloe gin as Christmas present. It’s a nice colour, nicely presented, home-pickled, hand picked sloes and best of all, it’s alcoholic.

Today I just want to have a walk at Jesmond park to get some fresh air. A bit stressed lately.

I love furniture antique shops even though I can’t afford anything from there. When I see an ornate desk, box or cabinets, I just try to envision them in my imaginary house. So during my bike ride, I found a nice little antique shop under Byker bridge. It’s alway a nice feeling when I see little shops that I never knew it’s there. It’s like I’m discovering things every now and then.