Alice is just everywhere, isn’t she? Printemps is featuring the rabbithole-falling girl’s story along with the movie promotion on their window display. I want to get lost in that store too. Imagine those garments in me – fantasy! I don’t mind staying there for a while and drink tea and cakes with the hatter.

I want the rabbit mask! Or is that a horse?

Photos provided by Trendland

When I saw Rihanna’s photo yesterday strolling at New York, I notice one thing. Not the jumpsuit, not the shoe and not even the long nails. Her armoured bag is staring at me and I must have one. So I look it up and it was from Fleet Ilya, who makes some bondage fashion.


If I got showered by luck, I want to have this. Ferocious. Ready, get set, fashion battle……

Fleet Ilya’s website

According to Coco Chanel which the Greek designer Mary Katrantzou materialised for the fall winter.

The geometric prints are so fierce, it looks very realistic from afar. It’s very unique and interesting. Hmmm… If can fford only one of them, which bottle should I pick???

I’ll get the first one on the left…..^_^

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With readers or not, I’ll faithfully do my blog everyday. So all of you brace yourself to the new Wallpaper magazine created by Karl Lagarfeld.


Uncle K, shared us a piece of his muse, the delicious, Baptiste Giabico. Now let’s all pray to thank God for creating wonderful creatures for our viewing pleasure. Next time, give me one as well.

To the two or four readers of this site, sorry for the slight hiatus. I’ve changed my domain name to as you can see and there’s so many problems I had with it. Top it off with so much going on with all work and personal project, I didn’t have much time but I’ll be posting more about the recent Fall/Winter collection at Paris Fashion Week. It ended fabulously with Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs is still sporting his man skirt which I also want to wear. More fashion, fashion, fashion very soon! I’ll just make a way to promote this site and I’ll be updating with all things happening in fashion.



With Jean Paul Gaultier, you won’t get triple X, you’ll get even more of that. Fetish implication and more sex. In a Parisian bordello setting three models in men’s suits to be the male counterpart. While the female counterpart were wearing a chiffon dresses and one with dollar-bill print. Fabulously whorish!

Then comes the black dresses with X transparent to show some flesh. What a flirt! And more of that presented with such sophistication. Squared transparent like windows for peek-a-boo. Criss-cross straps around the neck. Transparent strip on tights. Leather gloves, leather coats, mask, fishnets, leather and strappy shoes. Sexy!

I love this collection. It was fun. According to the people who are so lucky to watch the show, two models had a catfight in and then a real domanatrix arrived to tame them. How fun!


See more from his collection.

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FrankMusik is making a big buzz. I stumbled upon his music video at YouTube last November and I instantly love it. He was also listed on BBC’s sound of 2009 and now he is PerezHilton’s new obsession. Then another video was released and I’m getting addicted.

Frank has remixed tracks for Mika, Radiohead and CSS. Co-produced by Stuart Price, Madonna’s collaborator in his debut album, Complete Me.

If you haven’t heard him yet, here he is in his new video ‘Better Off As Two’

3 Little Words


If you are expecting a candy seductive collection from Alber Elbaz, designer of Lanvin, you won’t get any of that. It’s black, black and more black. Don’t be disappointed because  you can’t help to fall for these dresses.

The collection was strong business-like woman but still sensual with the use of wraps, drapes, subtle knots and bunchy bows. Feathered headpieces and bold necklaces made the sombre palette to make you happy. I love the fur shrug that might be a ‘must have accessory this fall.’

From suits to little black dresses with that fur shrug over you shoulder is just so amazingly sensual. I always love his collections.


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