The Oliver Goldsmith Collection at National Glass Centre

3 weeks in at uni and a deadline already? It’s for a live brief project for Old Navy. You know you’re exhausted and sleep deprive when you’re having a dream and in it, you’re sleeping. So much work on top of everything else. Even the muse’s little poem took some time. I just hope some good things come out of this. See my kidswear collection.

Girls Theme

Sketchbook Collage Heaven

Placement done. Report handed in. 1 sketchbook done. One more sketchbook then off for the so-called ‘Christmas holidays’ Oh wait, uni officially starts next week.


McQ internship is one of the best things that happened to me. The experience is incomparable. It’s hard yet quite fulfilling. Worked with the amazing team and met wonderful friends. Couldn’t ask for more. Will miss McQ.

Isabella Blow Exhibition

I finally saw the exhibition after two failed attempts to see it. It’s almost like Alexander McQueen and Philip Treacy show. She was mostly responsible nurturing the two famous designers.The dresses and hats were exquisite. I really want to go to McQueen archive if they would let me at work. The exhibition shows about her life and her lineage to aristocracy. It’s a shame how her life ended but at least before she died, she made a huge mark that help fashion move forward.