Signature Style Portfolio

To explore and to question meaning and value to what I do is the personal objective of my work, titled “Existential Crisis”. Questioning my surrounding led me to be inspired by perspective architecture. Awareness and doubt to one’s ideal of mainstream media, rouse my interest in Soviet propaganda posters and arts during the Constructivism movement. This artistic movement has somehow have the classic sentiment but at the same time, the modern form. Its composition, distinct shapes and colour blocking is very effective and sublime. Its aesthetics is what I wish to accomplish. Thus, I focused on classic tailoring with a more contemporary direction and with the spirit of sportswear. Strong shapes for man’s masculinity, prominence of black for his sensuality, layering for his eccentricity, and touch of colour for his attitude. Strand of drama and touch of playfulness is the atmosphere I will pursuit. It’s nothing extreme but challenges uniformity and something that a modern man would wear and suit his lifestyle.